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Open, Honest, 100% Transparent and Lowest Fee* Contract Recruitment Agency in Canberra.

SKILL'D is run by former contractors for contractors. We are not typical recruiters. We bring the best outome for you.

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Government Approved

100% Transparent.

  • More money in your pocket

    We give you the best possible rate

    When you apply for a role through us, you are certain to get better rates as our fee is the lowest.

    Because our fee is low, you will be competitive and hence you are more likely to win the position.

  • Lowest Fee Ever

    We can beat any quoted rate

    Guaranteed lowest fee in the industry.

    It is your money and you should get the maximum benefit, not your agent.

  • No Lock-in Clause

    You are free to leave when you want

    Unlike other agents, we don't have a lock-in clause in our contract. You are free to leave when you want.

    Our terms are so good you will never want to leave us.

  • Get Instant Pay Rise!

    Switch your Current Contract to Us

    Get instant pay rise (without renegotiating your rates with your client), when you switch to us from your current agency.

    Because our fee is way lower than your current agent you are guaranteed to get a pay rise.

We are friendly

Honest, Trusted and Easy to deal with.

  • Run by Contractors

    We know your pain of dealing with agents who charge high margins and keep you in the dark. We offer the best alternative.

  • Lowest Fee

    Guaranteed lowest fee in the industry. We can beat any quote and keen to pass on the benefit to you.

  • No Lock-in

    Most of the agencies will have 6 months lock-in period on their contract. We simply don't. You are free to leave when you want.

  • Low Overhead

    By keeping our overheads low, we are able to offer you the lowest fee and better service.

  • Open & Honest

    We believe, the trust created by being fully transparent will make you engage with us for long-term

  • Win, Win & Win

    Our transparent model and lowest fee means you win, your client wins and when you both win, we win.

Switch To Us

Get Instant Pay Rise

Switch to us in your contract and get pay rise.

Talk to us on how you could switch to us in your current contract and get a pay rise (without re-negotiating your rates with your client).

When you switch from your high fee agent to us, you will find enough saving to give yourself a decent pay rise that you deserve.


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